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Buy Stocks by paying only a Small Upfront Margin.

Margin Trading Funding (MTF):
Margin Trading Funding is the latest product offered by Pinnacle, where you can Buy Stocks by paying partial amount and rest of the amount is funded by Pinnacle. This is different from a regular Equity Account, in which you trade using your Money. By completing small documentation, your Account is operative within 4 Hours, and you can Buy stocks using Margin Trading Facility.
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The Salient Features of Margin Funding are as follows:

    Buy from a large universe of stocks.
    Invest in stocks by paying only partial amount.
    ZERO Processing Fees.
    Borrow up to 70% of the Stock Value.
    Attractive Interest Rates.
    Works with your existing Pinnacle Demat Account.

Buying Stocks on Margin:

  1. While buying a stock you need to inform the Relationship Manager about buying the Stock with the Margin Trading Facility.

  2. You can borrow up to 50-70% of the Purchase Amount, meaning, you need to pay between 30-50% of the Purchase amount as Margin.

  3. Interest is charged on the borrowed amount at a rate agreed between customer and Pinnacle.

  4. Once the stocks are purchased in MTF, you need to make sure that the borrowed amount is always in the range of 50-70%. If the Borrowed amount breaches beyond 70%, you need to make good the appropriate amount.

  5. When you Sell the stock, the borrowed amount and the Interest on that amount is repaid first, and the rest of the money is available back in your Equity Account.

Margin for Buying Stocks:

A portion of the purchase amount is to be deposited to Pinnacle. This is known as Margin. The Margin can be in the form of Cheque/Credit or Securities. The eligible Securities accepted as Collateral are in the link below. Margin is defined as a percentage of amount you need to keep with Pinnacle. The Margin varies from scrip to scrip.

Other Information:

For any other information please feel free to contact us on:
Ms. Pooja Ruparel
T: +91-22-6100-6112
E: [email protected]

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