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Q1. How do I activate Margin Trading Facility?

A. Download the small document list from here. Sign across and send the Form to your Branch / Authorized Person / Head Office, and the Account will be activated.

Q2. What are the benefits of Margin Trading Facility?

A. MTF provides you the ease of buying stocks, when you sense an opportunity but are having limited funds to deploy in the market.

Q3. Do I need to open a separate Demat Account to enable MTF?

A. No. Your existing Demat Account is enough to buy stocks in MTF.

Q4. What if the Account is in Normal Debit?

A. If your Account is in normal Debit, but you have collateral to transfer, you can buy new stock in MTF. However, the old Debit cannot be transferred to MTF. You can only avail MTF Benefits for the stocks purchased on that particular Day.

Q5. What if my Debit is older than 7 Days? Will I be able to purchase new stocks in MTF?

A. No. You cannot buy New Stocks in MTF if there is a Debit older than 7 Trading Days. You need to clear the Debit and only then you can buy the Stocks in MTF Account.

Q6. What about the Corporate Actions like Bonus, Dividend, Stock Split, and Rights Issue?

A. You are automatically eligible for Dividend, Bonus, and Stock Split. ForRight Issue and Buyback you are eligible but need to move the stock from MTF account to your equity account before the record date and directly participate in these corporate actions.

Q7. What are the benefits of buying stock in MTF at Pinnacle?

A. If you want to buy stocks worth 100,000 then you need to pay around 35,000 only and the rest of 65,000 is paid by Pinnacle and you become entitled to all the benefits of 100,000 worth of stock. Interest is charged only on Rs. 65,000 on a monthly basis.

Q8. Is it possible to replace the collateral?

A. Yes. You can replace the collateral from one stock to another.

Q9. What if the stocks bought under MTF get appreciated in value? Can I buy more stocks on this?

A. No. You will not get benefit of MTF for any increase on the value of your Funded Stocks.

Q10. How do I inform that I need to buy stocks in MTF?

A. Before 5:30pm you need to send an Email to [email protected] from your registered Email ID stating the Stocks that you need to buy with MTF.

Q11. How much Margin do I need to pay to buy a Stock?

A. The Margin payable varied from scrip to scrip. However, the usual Margin is in the range of 30% - 50%.

Q12. In what form do I need to keep the Margin?

A. You can transfer the fund in your Regular Equity Account, to be treated as Margin, or can make a separate Payment for Margin, or provide us the Securities in your Account to treat as MTF Margin. Click here to download the list of stocks accepted as Margin.

Q13. What if while buying the stocks I do not have sufficient Margin?

A. If you do not have sufficient Margin, then you will not be allowed to buy stock using this Facility.

Q14. What are Margin Calls? What if I am unable to meet the Margin Call?

A. A Margin call is issued if your Margin goes down below the required percentage. Pinnacle will issue a Margin Call, if the stock value falls beyond a certain value or the value of collateral dips beyond a certain point. That is, if you buy stocks worth Rs. 100,000 and then the stock value falls down to Rs. 90,000 then you need to pay up the Rs. 10,000 as maintenance Margin. In case you are unable to pay up the required Margin within a period of 7 Days, then we shall liquidate your partial position such that the Margin Amount comes back to sufficient levels. In other words, if the Margin is say 50%, and you have purchased stock worth Rs. 100,000 then you need to pay Rs. 50,000 and Pinnacle will pay the balance Rs. 50,000. If the stock value goes down to Rs. 90,000 then Rs. 10,000 is due to Pinnacle and this should be paid when a Margin Call is issued. In case Securities are given as a Collateral, then the fall in value of collateral also should be furnished by placing extra securities or paying by amount.

Q15. How can I check my Margin Trading Facility Position?

A. An Email is sent on a Daily basis on End of Day which gives you the Report of your MTF Position, versus the Margin and the extra limit available in your Account for Margin Facility. The End of Day Report gives you a complete status of your Margin Trading Facility Account.

Q16. Is Short Selling allowed in Margin Trading Facility?

A. No. Short Selling is not allowed in Margin Trading Facility.

Q17. Can I sell the stock on the next day after the purchase of stocks in MTF?

A. Yes. You can sell the stocks anytime you want and there is no restriction on any time of selling the stock.

Q18. Can I use Margin Trading Facility on Derivatives Segment?

A. o. Margin Trading facility is not available in Derivatives Segment.

Q19. If my Equity Account has 2 Lacs Debit and today I buy stock worth 8 Lacs, will the MTF Benefit be available for 8 Lacs or 10 Lacs?

A. The MTF will happen for the 8 Lacs worth of purchased stocks, subject to availability of minimum Margin in the form of Cheque/Credit/Securities.

Q20. What is the list of stocks accepted as Collateral and on which I can avail the Funding Facility?

A. There are TWO separate lists of stocks. One which are accepted as collateral and the other on which you can avail the MTF benefit. Both these lists are available here.

Q21. Will my limits be released after squared off transaction, and can I use it further to take fresh position?

A. Once you square off the existing stocks in MTF, you can purchase new stock at the same time. There is no restriction on this.

Q22. What is the limit on my MTF Benefit? How much worth of stocks can I buy in MTF?

A. While enabling the MTF Facility, we set a limit on the MTF Account based on the financials and other data available with us. Once this limit is set, you are free to avail the MTF benefit at any point of time.

Q23. Are DP charges applicable, while using Margin Trading Facility?

A. Yes, the regular DP charges as applicable in your Regular Margin Account, are applicable to Margin Trading Account also.

Note: Pinnacle reserves the right to allow/disallow the client the benefit of Margin Trading Facility, subject to all SEBI guidelines and other guidelines in place for Margin Trading Facility. Pinnacle also reserves the right to charge a Margin over and above as prescribed by SEBI for one/multiple scrips, depending on the risk management decision taken by Pinnacle.

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