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At Pinnacle, we understand that ease of operations are of paramount importance. That's where Pinnacle ONEcomes into the equation. Your one-stop single login/password portal for all your trading and support needs.


Back Office

All the Back Office reports, including Capital Gains Report, and the other MIS reports, including statutory Contract Notes are available for download under Pinnacle ONE.

Research Reports

Access our premium Research Reports and Research Calls, making sure you have access to the information you would want.

Portfolio Tracker

Forget updating all stocks to your Portfolio Tracker. Pinnacle's Pinnacle ONE Login provides LIVE Portfolio Tracking, where all stocks/commodities/currency purchased/sold by you at Pinnacle are LIVE visible to you. Also, you can upload the individual entries of stocks that you may have purchased elsewhere.

Funds Transfer

Transfer Funds to Pinnacle from our secured Payment Gateway giving you hassle free transfer mechanism. All funds always go into the Pinnacle Account only, and uses reliable, and best encryption technology to make sure your transactions are safe and secure.

Risk Every second. Every time

Manage your RISK and know your RISK LIVE during the Market session, so that you don't run out of Profits because you could not track your RISK.

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